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Majesco's Heroes Dawn in Summer


Dawn of Heroes

Majesco Entertainment has announced that they will be bringing Wicked Studios's Nintendo DS tactical RPG, Dawn of Heroes, to North America this Summer. Dawn of Heroes not only features typical turn-based gameplay, but a variety of quests and puzzles to solve. There will also be Wi-Fi mutliplayer combat and item trading over both local wireless and the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Dawn of Heroes will feature over fifty missions that will offer multiple branching paths and side quests. The main storyline will have players questing to save the Kingdom of Brimthule. The King of Brimthule sacrificed himself to save the world from the evil beast Ragnakore, but the kingdom has been cursed ever since.

All aspects of gameplay will be controllable via the DS touch screen. Players will be given over twenty-five playable classes from six unique factions. Few other details have been made available about this 3D tactical title other than that it is scheduled for a June release with an MSRP of $19.99.

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Dawn of Heroes
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