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Kingdom Hearts II English Theme, Interview Heard on MTV


Kingdom Hearts II

Square Enix and have an exclusive deal regarding the English version of the Kingdom Hearts II main theme song. Utada Hikaru is the vocalist for both the English and Japanese versions of the theme song. The Japanese version is entitled "Passions," while the English version is called "Sanctuary." Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series may recognize Utada as the vocalist from the first game's main theme "Simple and Clean." was granted permission to play a snippet of the theme on their website. Along with the new theme, fans can also watch a video interview with Haley Joel Osment, the actor who provides the voice for the series' main character, Sora. The interview contains scenes from several points in the new game and features the English voice work. The site can be viewed here.

Updated 02.25.2006: The link to the MTV site has been corrected. RPGamer apologizes for the inconvenience.

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Kingdom Hearts II
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