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Boktai DS Takes Stroll in Sun



This week, Konami unveiled the first images of Boktai DS, the fourth title in Metal Gear producer Hideo Kojima's Boktai series, in the pages of Koro Koro Comic. The magazine revealed that Boktai DS will be differentiating itself from its predecessors by abandoning the solar sensor concept.

In the previous three Boktai games, all of which appeared on the Game Boy Advance, a chip was embedded in the cartridge which registered the receipt of sunlight and incorporated that into the gameplay. As Nintendo DS games come on a different media format, Boktai DS will instead place an artificial sun on the system's top screen. The sun will be controlled by the DS's internal clock in order to rise and set in real time. When the night arrives, the sun will be replaced by a moon, leading to the emergence of additional monsters and the inability to recharge the hero's solar-based weaponry. In addition to the real-time day and night cycle, the game will also simulate weather patterns: as stormfronts move in on the world of Boktai DS, the sun's light will be obscured, putting the game's hero in a tough spot.

Boktai DS is currently in development, but no official announcements have been made yet regarding when the game will be released. RPGamer will continue to keep its readers informed with the latest news on this title.

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