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The Advent Children Cross the Pond


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Sony Pictures announced that Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will be released in Europe on April 24. The film will feature the voice work of such actresses as Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four, Sin City), singer Mandy Moore (Saved, Racing Stripes), and actor Steve Burton (The Last Castle, Semper Fi). Both Burton and Moore starred in Kingdom Hearts as Cloud and Aerith respectively.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was released in Japan on September 14 of last year. The European release will be for both DVD and UMD formats, with a projected price of 19.99 British Pounds (approximately 29.14 Euros). A North American release is expected to be announced soon, but is still unknown.

Update (02.10.06)

According to German website GameStar, Sony is reportedly denying ever having officially given a release date for Advent Children. As of now, there is still no confirmed date for the European or North American release of this film. We apologize for the confusion.

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
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