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Suikoden V Confirmed for European Release


Suikoden V

Konami of Europe has confirmed the release of Suikoden V in Europe, announcing that the game will be shipped to retailers in Autumn 2006. This fifth installment of the franchise will mark the tenth anniversary for the series.

In Suikoden V, players will embark on a quest that takes them across the land of Falena in order to acquire the magical Sun Rune. Throughout the course of the game, the series' trademark 108 followers can be found and befriended before the final battle. Suikoden V also contains numerous alternate endings, depending on the course taken throughout the story.

Also included are a number of mini-games to play, a new “Home Base” system, and the ability to fight with six characters at once.

Suikoden V has been scheduled for a Japanese release on February 23. The title will arrive in North America in March.

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Suikoden V
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