Mutable Realms Announces Wish

Mutable Realms has revealed that it has been working on a new game that provides unprecedented opportunities for people to meet online in a shared fantasy experience. The game, which has been under development for over a year, is titled Wish. The title will be officially presented to the public at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Unlike other Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games that confine the player to a server with only several hundred other players, Wish raises the bar by defining Ultra Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. The game employs a server cluster architecture that scales to tens of thousands of players in a shared and seamless 3D fantasy world.

The game is based on the Internet Communication Engine (Ice) developed by ZeroC in close collaboration with Mutable Realms. Ice provides extreme scalability and speed, and was developed by experts in the domain of very-large-scale systems. Wish also uses an advanced 3D graphics toolkit and engine for a rich and detailed medieval fantasy world with breathtaking visual effects.

The first public beta test for Wish will be conducted by the end of 2003. The final release will be available in North America on the PC in Winter 2004.

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by Joseph Witham    

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