Square Downplays Development Plans

With a number of games in development across a number of platforms, it comes as no surprise that the good folks at Square know how to keep themselves busy. Particularly, the Final Fantasy series has spawned a daunting number of sequels in the past year, several of which are currently under development. Still, the media is always hungry for more news, and during a recent interview on a Japanese radio station, producer Yoshinori Kitase was grilled concerning the future of one of gaming's most beloved series.

Mr. Kitase, however, was unwilling to shed any light on potential upcoming titles. Particularly, he shot down the notion that Final Fantasy X-3 is currently in development, a title which the show's host suggested would include further development of systems and characters from Final Fantasy X. Additionally, he also denied the existence of the speculative Final Fantasy XIII, which has been rumoured to be under development for some time. In Mr. Kitase's words, "There's no pressure within Square to develop another sequel in the Final Fantasy series right now."

Even with this rather definitive statement, Mr. Kitase did admit that Square is continuing to work on story and gameplay ideas for future entries in the series in all of the company's international offices, from Japan to North America to Europe. Still, for the time being, all fans of the series can do is wait.

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by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Xengamers]

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