Hideo Kojima to Produce RPG

Legendary game producer Hideo Kojima (the man responsible for Metal Gear Solid) is hard at work on, of all things, an RPG for the GameBoy Advance. Called Boktai, the game features a vampire hunter attempting to vanquish evil. Familiar territory for Konami, except that this isn't a Belmont; in fact, his name's Django.

Deciding to set Boktai apart from the pack, Mr. Kojima is trying something really different. The game will feature a light sensor which allows our intrepid hero to power himself up by being exposed to sunlight. The more direct sunlight you expose your GBA to, the more powerful Django will become.

Not much more is known about Boktai at this time, and Kojima is a man notorious for keeping secrets. Regardless, be sure to check out these introductory screenshots, as well as some preliminary artwork for the game.

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by Justin Harwood    

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