EQ Online Adventures to Add New Servers, Features

Sony's Everquest Online Adventures is already in need of another server in order to meet player demand. The PlayStation 2 MMORPG has done well since it was released on February 12th, and the addition of a new server would seem to suggest that the game may even be outperforming Sony's own expectations for the game. The new server is set to go online Friday, March 7th, before 12pm Pacific Standard Time.

Additionally, Sony is preparing to add new features to Everquest Online Adventures in the form of a client update. New features will include the ability to toggle the Auto Attack and Auto Follow featues, as well as the ability to see other group members on your compass. As online RPGs are notorious for consuming undue amounts of time, Sony is adding the ability to check the current time, and also allowing players to set an alarm for themselves. In a move to help out players from other countries who'd like to join the game, it will be able to accept non-US postal codes. The client update is set for sometime in mid-March.

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by Justin Harwood    

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