Activision Breaks the Silence Surrounding X-Men Legends

Activision has finally released the first information on a game it announced over two years ago. The game is X-Men Legends and is an action-RPG following the exploits of the famous Marvel team. In particular, the story will be focused around the coming-of-age of Alison Crestmere, better known as the New-Mutant Magma. Within the Marvel comics, Alison Crestmere served as a member of both the New Mutants and Hellions and also helped to overthrow Selene's rule of New Roma, the city of which she had been a kidnapped member. The new story for X-Men Legends will be written by veteran Marvel writers including Steven Seagle, Joey Casey, Duncan Rouleau, and Joe Kelly.

The game will be developed in partnership with Raven Software, who is most famous for its work on such famous FPS games as Soldier of Fortune and Hexen. However, this will be Raven Software's first RPG, as well as its first console game.

The gameplay of X-Men Legends will be centered around a team based combat system where various members of the X-Men will be able to be switched out on the fly and combo attacks will be possible between party members. Combat will normally use a combination of four Mutants, who will be selectable from some of the most popular figures throughout Marvel history including: Wolverine, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm, Colossus, Psylocke, Iceman, Gambit, Forge, Beast, Nightcrawler, Angel, and seven others who have not been listed.

Scheduled for release in Quarter 4 of 2003, X-Men Legends will be available for the PlayStation2, GameCube, and Xbox consoles.

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by Gabriel Putnam    
Sources: [Game Informer Magazine (March, 2003)]

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