Konami Officially Announces PlayStation 2 Castlevania

Konami of America has officially announced what various sources have been buzzing about for the past two weeks: development is underway on a PlayStation 2 installment of Castlevania. Koji Igarashi is heading up a development team that is responsible for each of the most recent titles in the series, and is promising to completely reinvent the game.

The new Castlevania will take place in a gothic Transylvania, plunging players into the gloomy world of vampire hunting. Veterans of the series will feel right at home, but Konami will be utilizing the PlayStation 2's capabilities to full effect, which could mean Konami will be launching the game into 3D for the first time since its N64 attempt. Either way, the developers promise the action will be accompanied by a rich score and an engaging storyline.

For those wondering why KoA made the announcement, and not its Japanese counterpart, a further addendum to the press release left no doubt as to why this was the case: Castlevania for the PlayStation 2 will make its worldwide debut at E3 this May in Los Angeles. Expect RPGamer to be on hand to bring you all the gory details.

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by Andrew Long    

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