Singing and Moogles for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

In a recent issue of V-Jump magazine, Square has released some of the details on its upcoming RPG Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. One which will probably please many gamers is the confirmed return of moogles. In Crystal Chronicles, they will serve a similar purpose as they did in Final Fantasy IX. However, the messages they deliver will advance plots within the side-quests of the game rather than simply being messages between friends.

In addition to Moogle info, V-Jump also sported some details on the ways in which dungeons will be laid out and the methods by which characters can increase their abilities. Dungeons will be set up to require cooperation between players and may have tasks which require two or more of the four characters to be present. These could include obstacles such as timed switches with four individual trigger points or pressure plates requiring multiple characters to compress.

Abilities within Crystal Chronicles will be augmented by special demon stones which the players will be able to equip to their characters. These stones will bestow an array of skills or special effects to the characters and will also be able to be arranged on a three by three board in various patterns to produce a number of combination effects.

Finally, Square has also announced that one of the game's main vocal tracks will be performed by Japanese singer Yae, who rose to stardom with her album New Aeon. The track Yae will be performing is titled "Casanova".

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is still scheduled to be released during the spring of 2003 in Japan and has yet to have a North American release date announced. It will be the first game by Square for the Gamecube console.

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by Gabriel Putnam    
Sources: [Quiter, Games Are Fun]

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