Square Enix Grabs Shades for Bright Future

Having received the green light from stockholders, Square and Enix prepare to merge by making some necessary changes in North America.

Under the leadership of former Square president Yoichi Wada, Square Enix Corporation will set up Square Enix U.S.A in Los Angeles, California to handle all North American business, such as localization, publication, and marketing.

However, this means that Square's longstanding relationship with Electronic Arts will change on March 31, 2003. When the merger officially begins on April 1, Square Enix U.S.A. will assume the duties currently covered by Electronic Arts.

In addition, Wada hinted at the future for Square Enix during the recent stockholders meeting. When asked by the stockholders what "innovative projects" the merged companies could produce, Wada commented that both Square and Enix were beginning to explore online games. Wada went on to say that they could see "an online community game" similar to Final Fantasy XI by 2005.

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by Cortney Stone    
Source: [Xengamers]

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