Final Fantasy Origins Site Goes Live

Square has launched its official site for the remastered editions of Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II, which will be packaged as Final Fantasy Origins. Currently, the site contains a press release detailing the changes which will be present within the new versions and plans to host a sweepstakes related to the games within the coming weeks.

Final Fantasy I was one of the first RPGs released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and came to North America thirteen years ago in 1990. It detailed the exploits of the four light warriors as they fought to rid the world of fiends and bring light to the crystals. Final Fantasy II, on the other hand, was never released stateside and followed the exploits of a young man and his three companions as they sought to free their world from demonic invaders. To learn more about these new editions of classic games, check out RPGamer's detailed coverage.

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by Gabriel Putnam    

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