Final Fantasy XI Expansion To Bring Familiar Faces

A recent issue of Famitsu has outlined the worlds made available through the upcoming expansion of Final Fantasy XI, entitled Vision of Ziraat. The magazine also noted the return of Titan, along with Ifrit and Ramuh, to assist the summoner class, which will be available through the expansion as well.

The five new worlds available for online exploration are Nog, the pirates' hideout and home to the infamous Gilgamesh; Ulgap Temple, the unholy dwelling of Tonberries; Ifrit's Kettle, a volcanic land that is home to Bombs, creatures born from hot volcanic gas; Yutanga Forest, a peaceful place that shelters the ruins of an ancient civilization; and the underwater Cave of Kolrock. Cactuars will also be joining the bestiary via this expansion.

While the MMORPG has yet to receive an official release date for North America or Europe, Final Fantasy XI: Vision of Ziraat will be released in Japan on April 17.

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by Cortney Stone    
Source: [Famitsu]

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