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Namco proves that the original PlayStation is not yet dead with the upcoming release of Volfoss, a strategy RPG featuring hundreds of creatures illustrated by Nirasawa Yasushi. Volfoss will require players to lead the strongest "Trooper" (a word used for the mercenary brigades in the game). Proceeding through the over two hundred missions offered in the game, the player will build up his or her Trooper by defeating rivals and successfully completing missions. Each of the members of the Trooper will have a different character class and a different personality type, making each member of the Trooper invaluable for the different situations the player will face in the game. These creatures can be upgraded in between missions at the Trooper headquarters.

The hundreds of missions in Volfoss come in many categories, including recruitment, assassination, escort, guerrilla warfare, and direct participation in major battles in the war. The story will be told through dialogue scenes in between battles, and will change based on the missions the player chooses to complete. By the end of the game, the player will be known as anything from the "hero who saves the country from a national life-or-death crisis" to the "saint, most popular with the common people who has stepped down from power" and the "emperor of darkness who plots to cloud all countries with the shadow of war." Volfoss will arrive on Japanese shores on February 22, but no North American release has yet been mentioned.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [RPGfan]
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