PlayStation RPGs Get a Performance Test on the PlayStation2

One of Sony's main selling points for the PlayStation2 is its "backwards compatibility," its ability to play original PlayStation games. Many a concerned gamer has been curious as to how well the PS2 would perform this task, and now that the system has been released in Japan, gamers have been able to test this new feature first hand. To give you an idea of how the PlayStation2 will affect your favorite games, here is a list showing the performance levels of many Japanese PlayStation RPGs as played on the PS2:

Game: Loading Speed: Graphic Performance:
Chrono Trigger faster improved Mode 7 graphics
Chrono Cross faster (menus only) better graphics, less jagged polygons, character faces are clearer
Dew Prism same no polygon breakups, no broken lines within polygons
Final Fantasy 5 faster (menus only) same
Final Fantasy 8 faster improved textures, some pop-up problems
Front Mission 3 faster (menus only) character details improved
Parasite Eve 2 slightly faster textures slightly improved
Saga Frontier 2 same black border around characters eliminated
Star Ocean: 2nd Story same characters and maps are more detailed
Tales of Phantasia same map screen is more detailed
Vagrant Story faster (menus only) fewer jagged polygons, improved textures and details
Valkyrie Profile same characters are more detailed
Xenogears faster better textures, improved feeling of 3D depth

As you can see, all of these games were in some way enhanced by the power of the PlayStation2, and only one game was affected adversely. Although these tests were done on Japanese PlayStation games using a Japanese PlayStation2, gamers should expect a similar performance on domestic titles when the system hits North America later this year. Stay tuned to RPGamer for all the upcoming revelations concerning the PlayStation2 as its North American release approaches.

by Andrew P. Bilyk    
Source: [Magic Box]
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