New Information on Capcom's Upcoming Serial RPG

In even more good news for RPG-playing Dreamcast owners, Capcom has recently released new information concerning their upcoming serial RPG for the Sega Dreamcast, El Dorado Gate. Formerly known as Emblem of Eru, the game will consist of 24 episodes which will be released to eager audiences bi-monthly. El Dorado Gate will feature creative work by several big names in the gaming industry. Yoshitaka Amano, character designer of many of the Final Fantasy games, is providing the character design in El Dorado Gate. The game's plot is written by Flagship, the company responsible for the storyline of Resident Evil 2.

The story of El Dorado Gate begins with an epic battle between Dios, the Great Spirit who created the world, and Rajin, an evil deity. Dios claims victory, casting away Rajin and his minions, and several thousand years pass. At the beginning of the Industrial Age, Rajin once again begins to scheme against Dios, while twelve people mysteriously meet together. The game will follow the adventures of 13 main characters: those twelve, who are all descendants of Rajin, and their mentor. A description of the characters is as follows:

  • Bantross - the teacher of the other characters, he hides the dark secret of their ancestry.
  • Ein - a human created by scientists long ago, he was discovered in an ancient ruin.
  • Elishin - a noble swordsman and guard, his swordfighting skills are unmatched.
  • Gigi - a female knight, she is on a crusade to destroy the evils of the world.
  • Gomez - a male hammer-wielder, he was the first pupil of Bantross.
  • Kanan - a young girl, she wears an unremovable cursed mask which protects her from harm.
  • Kobdo - a "beastman" who was raised by a robot, his kind were thought to be extinct.
  • Mamma - a small boy with a large appetite, he has great strength despite his size.
  • Mima - a puzzling young girl, she has fallen victim to a deep depression.
  • Pamela - a female brawler, she wishes for romance and a more ordinary life.
  • Radia - the daughter of a thief, she specializes in stealing and picking locks.
  • Rado - a mysterious young man, he spends much of his time riding his motorcycle.
  • Sophie - a female monster hunter, she has a special ability to defeat monsters.

The first installment of El Dorado Gate is scheduled to hit Japan this Summer. Capcom has not yet announced whether the game will be brought to North America, but given the Dreamcast's success and the popularity of RPGs, a domestic release seems likely. Count on RPGamer to bring you more details on Capcom's El Dorado Gate as the information is announced.

by Andrew P. Bilyk    
Source: [Magic Box/IGN]
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