Intersite RPG music remix tournament Ultima-Eternity created.

RPGamer's The Music Box has been dedicated to RPG music lovers for almost a full year now. Not only does it help listeners finding their favorite music, tabs, lyrics, and more, but it also helps out other game and music sites. Periodically, The Music Box hosts a 'compo' in which musicians can compete against each other for fun. This time The Music Box, in conjunction with many RPG and game music sites, has created a tournament unlike any other: Ultima-Eternity.

Essentially, Ultima-Eternity is a giant RPG music remix tournament. Whether it be sequencing(MIDI), tracking(Modules), singing, live bands, orchestras, or solo instrumentation, all types of music are accepted. There are three divisions for the tournament: MIDI, Module, and Live. For complete information on what you can submit and what to enter, go to and check it out. Also contained on the site is complete judge listing and criteria, participating sites' listing, and more.

Whereas all of these sites can come together to bring you this, each of the participating sites ask for 5 brave musicians to represent them in the tournament. You do NOT have to represent a site to enter. The Music Box asks for all musicians interested to mail Mark Jordan about representing RPGamer and The Music Box. A little competition never hurt anyone.

Winning may not seem like everything, but it can be profitable. is donating prizes to the winners and there is more to come. I, on behalf of RPGamer, The Music Box, and Ultima-Eternity wish all musicians the best of luck in the largest and most interesting video game music tournament ever.

by Mark Jordan
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