Agetec to Release Two PlayStation2 RPGs in North America?

Agetec, the publisher of games such as the King‚s Field series and the upcoming RPG Maker, has acquired the North American rights to three of From Software‚s PlayStation2 games. Only one of the three games, Armored Core 2, has been confirmed. The other two, while not yet officially announced, are most likely the RPGs Eternal Ring and Evergrace.

Eternal Ring, a first-person action RPG, was a PlayStation2 launch title in Japan. Evergrace, an action RPG with a similar style to that of the Legend of Zelda series, is currently planned for an April release in Japan. These two games should be confirmed for a North American release within the near future, so stay tuned to RPGamer for all the details.

by Andrew P. Bilyk    
Source: [GameSpot]
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