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The Pokemon craze just does not stop anywhere it seems. As Nintendo's mostly popular product, Pokemon has kept on selling and selling. Pokemon Gold and Silver was released last year in Japan, and the latest Famitsu reports that it has now sold in excess of 5 million copies! It seems everyone now is anticipating the networkable Pokemon for Gameboy Advance.
Source: [Weekly Famitsu]

Capcom has recently announced El Dorado Gate, a 24 game serial action-RPG for Dreamcast. Yes, it is serial, and it has been planned that Capcom will release a game every 2 months. The character design is by Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy series), and is produced by Flagship, who are in charge of the Resident Evil series. Screenshots reveal that the graphics are similar to that of Square's Legend of Mana. Although a date has not been set for Japan, it will be sold for 2800 yen.
Source: [Minaduki Information Page]

The latest issue of Dreamcast Magazine reported that Director Suzuki, of Sonic Team, responsible for Shen Mue, has started planning for Shen Mue 2. He has said that he would like to have 50 characters onscreen at once, a great feat if it can be pulled off.
Source: [Minaduki Information Page]

This may surprise (and disgust) some people, but Final Fantasy 8's theme song, "Eyes on Me", was voted Song of the Year in the Western music category at the 14th Japan Gold Disc Awards, held on March 15th. The song has sold 400 000 copies in Japan, a feat for game music, and furthermore, it is the first game music to win at the awards. Everyone give a clap to Nobuo Uematsu.
Source: [GameSpot Japan]

It is planned that Atlus will reveal a new Megami Tensei game (of which Persona is a spin-off) for PS2, at the Tokyo Game Show. It is probably going to be networkable, and there hopefully will be a playable demo at the Show.
Source: [CCB's Game Review]

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