Working Designs Announces LUNAR 2 Pack-in Details and Pre-order Goodies

RPG gurus Working Designs have let some details about forthcoming release of its important title LUNAR 2: Eternal Blue. In keeping with tradition, LUNAR 2 will feature a number of small items and 'pack-in' tidbits to keep souvenir hunting gamers happy. Recently, Working Designs confirmed what gamers can expect to find upon purchasing the game.

  • The 3 Game CDs that make up the actual game.
  • A soundtrack CD, which will feature arranged and expanded music
  • A "Making of LUNAR 2" documentary video CD
  • A Hardcover LUNAR 2 manual and artbook
  • A Paper map with stats on the back
  • A Full-size gold metallic Lucia's Pendant
  • 4 mini character standees

Even the most ardent souvenir hunters can live safe in the knowledge that this package will be more than enough.

On announcing this, Working Designs also posted an update revealing that if your copy of LUNAR 2 is pre ordered in stores then you will receive a free Ghaleon punching puppet. Not content with supplying gamers with merely maps and CDs, Working Designs will reward the faithful pre ordering crew with it's interesting puppet proposal.

The puppet has been designed by Japanese LUNAR character designer Toshiyuki Kubooka, and is only available in limited numbers. Customers, who deposit $20 on LUNAR 2:Eternal Blue at participating stores, will receive either a puppet, or a voucher pertaining to a puppet, if the retailers are out of stock. Participating stores currently include Electronics Boutique, Funcoland, and Babbages although this list is expected to grow in the coming weeks. Gamers eager for the memorabilia should act soon though, because the puppets will never again be available to buy or obtain for the public. Stores will start pre orders for LUNAR 2 in the coming weeks.

In more Working Designs related news, it seems that their upcoming title Vanguard Bandits will also feature some pre ordering fun. Pre orders start on March the 20th, this coming Monday, and can be placed by calling (530) 243-3417 extension 106: customers who use this facility direct will be pleased to find that they can also order a 208 page hardcover Vanguard Bandits strategy guide for a piddling $7.95, almost a massive 50% off of the recommended retail price. Surprisingly, for the people at Working Designs, the strategy guide also comes with a small amount of items to keep fans happy. Gamers can expect a dust cover, three place holder ribbons, two sheets of stickers and an offer for a free poster. You certainly can't complain at their enthusiasm to please.

LUNAR 2: Eternal Blue is currently scheduled for a June/July 2000 release in North America, whilst Vanguard Bandits, recently delayed, will arrive on April 24th. RPGamer will keep you up to date with any news regarding these highly anticipated titles.

by John "Loch Ness" Hynd    
Source: [Working Designs]
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