Evolution 2 to Hit North America

In good news for Dreamcast-owning RPG players, the sequel to the system's first RPG is on its way to American shores. Ubi Soft, the publisher of the original Evolution: The World of Sacred Device, recently announced its plans to release Evolution 2: Distant Promise in North America sometime this Summer.

Evolution 2: Distant Promise, which has already been released in Japan, keeps the overall look and feel of the original while adding many new elements. The game follows a brand new story which takes place over new locations and environments. Mag Launcher and his companions from the first game all make a return appearance, while several new playable characters are introduced as well. The gameplay is similar to that of the first game, with randomly generated dungeons and the same battle system.

Evolution 2: Distant Promise features more detailed graphics and environments than in the first game, in addition to several new camera angle options. Voice acting is also a new feature to Evolution 2, but it is currently unknown as to whether subtitles or English voice acting will used for the North American version of the game. New information regarding the North American release of Evolution 2: Distant Promise is sure to break as summer approaches, so stay tuned to RPGamer for all the details on this upcoming Dreamcast RPG.

by Andrew P. Bilyk    
Source: [GameSpot/IGN]
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