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As one of the first games to be released on the PlayStation 2 launch was From Software's "Eternal Ring", a first person action RPG. There was of course some hype to the game as it was the first RPG on this platform, but after Famitsu Magazine's review of the game, the hype may die down.

Famitsu gave it a total of 25 out of 40, with each reviewer giving it 7, 6, 7, 5. This was only a slightly above average review, and the reviewers do point out some aspects to the game which made it lacklustre. Although the graphics were beautiful as is almost any PlayStation 2 game, the lack of fluid movement in the monsters and other characters stand out. Also, the story was nothing extraordinary and quite orthodox, revealing a game which needed more time and effort to improve its quality. Another disappointing aspect to the game was the lack of voice acting. On a contrasting note, however, they mentioned that the way you can collect rings is enjoyable and almost addictive.

On more From Software news, fans of the King's Field games will be quite pleased. From Software are releasing their first PC game, entitled: "Sword of Moonlight - King's Field Making Tool." Like the RPG Maker games, you will be able to make a King's Field style game. For beginners, you can play through the first King's Field, while tweaking and changing some aspects. But for the more adventurous, you can start from scratch, making almost every aspect to the game. For example, there are already 512 map parts designed for you, but you can also make your own to suit your tastes. By using other software, you can even construct your own music and movies, so a professional finish is not impossible. Of course, if you have a CD burner, you can give the game that you made to friends!

"Sword of Moonlight" is scheduled for a March 16 release on the PC in Japan, but a US release has not been confirmed. Unfortunately, the King's Field games were not popular enough Stateside, therefore "Sword of Moonlight" making an appearance in games stores is not altogether likely. For hardcore King's Field players, an import copy may be the best chance.

by Sachi Coxon
Source: [, Famitsu Magazine]
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