Pokémon Stadium + Pokémon Yellow = Surfing Pikachu!

When Pokémon Yellow was released last September, Pokémon fans were excited to find several key changes from the original Red and Blue games, such as several storyline alterations, digitized Poké-speech, and Game Boy Printer compatibility. One addition to Pokémon Yellow, however, has baffled Pokémon fans since its release. This addition, a small house on the northern beach of Route 19, is supposedly home to the "Pikachu's Beach" surfing mini-game. Unfortunately, you can't play the mini-game if your Pikachu doesn't know the "Surf" ability, which Poké-fans haven't been able to learn.... until now. Using your Pokémon Yellow cartridge in conjunction with the new N64 game, Pokémon Stadium, your Pikachu can learn "Surf," and RPGamer has the scoop on how to do it.

Step 1:

  • Unlock Pokémon Stadium's Round 2 (R-2) mode.

    Step 2:

  • Unlock and enter the Master Ball division of the Round 2 Prime Cup.

    Step 3:

  • Create a Pokémon team directly from the Game Boy cartridge, but do not register your team. Your Pokémon team must include a Pikachu imported from one of the Game Boy games.

    Step 4:

  • You must win the Master Ball division, without using any continues, using a three-Pokémon team. Pikachu must be one of the team's members in each of the eight battles.

    If you complete all the above criteria, your Pikachu will be rewarded with the elusive "Surf" technique. In the Game Boy games, Pikachu can use the ability not only in battle and during normal gameplay, but also, using Pokémon Yellow, in the "Pikachu's Beach" mini-game. All you have to do to access the mini-game is enter the house on Route 19 and talk to the surfer inside. Count on RPGamer to keep you informed of the latest developments regarding the world's favorite little monsters, Pokémon.

  • by Andrew P. Bilyk    
    Source: [IGN]
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