Final Fantasy 9 to Arrive Early in Japan

The upcoming Final Fantasy IX, Square's "final" Final Fantasy for the PlayStation, was officially announced less than two months ago. Despite this fact, importers and Japanese gamers can look forward to the game's release in a mere four months. In a recent announcement, Square Japan stated that FFIX will be released in Japan this July. This new release date comes as a welcome surprise, as it is earlier than many anticipated.

In addition to this, Square also gave tentative release dates for FFX and FFXI, both for the PlayStation2. While FFX is still on track for Spring 2001, FFXI was pushed back from Summer to Fall of 2001. No new announcements were made regarding North American release dates. FFIX is still scheduled for this October, FFX's release date is currently unannounced, and FFXI is still on track for a simultaneous worldwide release. Stay tuned to RPGamer for all the details as new information on the world's favorite RPG series develops.

by Andrew P. Bilyk    
Source: [GameSpot]
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