Final Fantasy Movie - More Information Emerges

Today, Square revealed a website, which contains information about their upcoming movie. Of particular interest were two new trailers, a few seconds each, that will be added to monthly and weekly respectively. Those trailers can be found here and here. In addition to those trailers, there are still-shots of various props used. Those props seem to vary from buildings to spacecraft.

The year is 2065. Sixty-four years after the release of the Final Fantasy movie, its prophecies have come true. The world has been devastated, little is still alive. Cities are left to crumble, people are faring for their own survival. The world is desolate, the times are desperate, and the Final Fantasy Movie predicted it all exactly.

Hopefully that won't be the way the world ends up sixty-five years from now. However, with that bleek and dreary setting comes a story about "love, friendship, dreams, adventure, life, and death." The information on the site states that the movie will be rather philisophical, causing us to question or beliefs about "love" and "life," and what "heart" really is.

Life has been boiled down to energy by science. Through the analysis of death, and all things living, they have come to that conclusion. Apparently, much of this form of energy called life is spent fighting, as told by the site's description of "riveting battle scenes." The movie is not all battles, as the journey will extend from the real world to one of fantasy.

Also included in the site are names of the voice actors, all veterans of live-action films or TV shows. Those names include Ming-Na, the voice of Mulan; Alec Baldwin and James Woods, who both acted in Ghosts of Mississippi; Donald Sutherland who's been seen on TV and in movies since they were in black and white; Ving Rhames the popular gang boss from Pulp Fiction; Steve Buscemi from Armageddon and Fargo; and Peri Gilpin who plays Roz on Fraiser.

All in all, there is much to look forward to for both "old-school" Final Fantasy gamers around since the early 90's, and those attracted by the more recent hits. Stay tuned to for more developments on the Final Fantasy Movie that are bound to arise over the next year.

by Joshua Maciel    
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