Capcom makes a Bi-Monthly RPG

Capcom, the company responsible for such beloved series as Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and the Breath of Fire series, has announced something rather unique. At the Tokyo Game Show in a few weeks, Capcom of Japan plans to unveil a new RPG series, but it will not be like most RPGs. The series, which will be on the Sega Dreamcast, will be released in chapters every other month.

The new series has not been named, but there are some that think this is the game "Emblem of Eru," a game that Yoshitaka Amano was designing characters for. However, this is absolutely not confirmed, but it makes one wonder if they are indeed the same. The game at this time has not been announced for release outside of Japan, but hopefully Capcom will continue the trend that they have set with their Breath of Fire series and release this new series in North America. RPGamer will bring you more on these titles when they are shown at the Tokyo Game Show.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
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