THQ's Multi-Platform RPG Summoner's Release Dates Change

For those who haven't heard of THQ's upcoming RPG titled "Summoner," this awesome looking game being developed by Volition will be released for the PC, Macintosh, and Playstation 2. Last month, a tenative release date of Fall 2000 was released for the three titles. RPGamer can now tell you that the Playstation 2 version will be released in Fall 2000, but the Windows and Macintosh versions have been pushed back and will be released either in late 2000 or early 2001. This news comes from a posting by Anoop Shekar, Summoner's Assistant Producer, on the official Summoner message board on the Volition website. Now, as is the case for most delays, this is actually a very good thing.

Summoner's Lead Programmer, Mark Allender, followed up that post with this extra information. "Just to further reiterate the point about multiplayer. Pushing the release of the PC and Mac versions to winter 00/01, we can pretty much concentrate 100 percent on multiplayer during that time. (That and working on the kinks on the graphics cards). The extended date will really allow us to deliver a solid multiplayer experience on both of those platforms."

This is extremely good news. The Playstation 2 version will be the main focus so that THQ and Volition can get the game out as close to the system's North American launch as possible. As for tweaking a PC and Macintosh version, hopefully there will not be too many snags so that they can get the games out soon after the release of the Playstation 2 version. Of course, this is all very far away, so who knows what will happen. Look for more information on this great-looking RPG soon.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
Source: [FGN Online]
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