Vanguard Bandits Movie

As you may know, or may not know but should know, Working Designs is set to release the sweet new Strategy RPG Vanguard Bandits next month. What you might not know is that Working Designs has released a promotional movie to, well, promote the game. The game, currently scheduled to be released on March 27th for the Sony Playstation, was formerly called Detonator Gauntlet but was changed for legal reasons.

The movie can be downloaded by clicking here. The file is over 40 megs, so make sure to leave plenty of time if you are on a low-bandwidth connection. Also, you might need a certain video driver to run this type of file. You can find that here. There have not been a great deal of Strategy RPGs in the last six months, and Vanguard Bandits looks to relieve the drought. With the looks of this movie, Working Designs seems set to deliver what could easily be another masterpiece.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
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