Final Fantasy IV on WonderSwan?!

       With all the recent releases of older games for portable systems, many people have wondered whether Square would port some of their classics. Rumor had it that they were planning on porting some titles to the WonderSwan, and now it has been announced. Final Fantasy IV, released originally as Final Fantasy II in North America, will be released for the WonderSwan in May of this year.

       Mattel has acquired licensing rights for the WonderSwan in North America, but true plans have not yet surfaced. With the license already acquired, it will probably be only a matter of time until the system sees some sort of NA release. If it does, then it is possible that Northa America will finally see a re-release of FFIV, having missed out on the version included with the Final Fantasy Anthology.

       The WonderSwan is a 32-bit monochrome portable system, with a high resolution screen that makes the black-and-white games look quite nice for a portable system. Keep looking for information on a possible North American release of this port.

by Curtis Harmon
Source: [Square Gamer]
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