Recent Releases

       In this past week, two new RPGs have been released unto the market, ready for eager consumers to snatch them up in a hurry. Of course, it would be good to know a little about these titles before picking them up, no?

       Terry is ready to begin his journey to rescue his sister, while becoming a Monster Master and winning the Starry Night Tournament in Dragon Warrior Monsters. The game features two hundred monsters from the Dragon Warrior series that can be caught and trained, including the infamous slimes! For more information about this title, you can take a look at our preview.

       Did you miss your chance to save the world with Squall, Rinoa, and the rest of the Final Fantasy VIII cast? Then don't miss out this time! Final Fantasy VIII for the PC has shipped, and is on store shelves at this very moment, waiting for eager would-be heroes to accept the challenge. This epic role-playing game is definitely one that no fan of the genre, or series, should miss.

       Either saving the world in a grand epic, or saving your sister with two hundred monsters turned good, RPGamers certainly have some great challenges to look forward to. Go out and try one today!

by Dan Calderman
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