Sega's RPG is Delayed

Climax Landers joins the throngs of companies having to push back a release date for the good of the game. Basically, they want to make sure everything's perfect for this new game, and so are ironing out the rougher parts. This is certainly a valid reason, and better than some game companies have come up with. Their first North American RPG for the Dreamcast has been pushed back a minor 3 weeks. Originally handled by Climax Landers, Sega of America is handling the localization of the North American version.., and they feel that the extra time can be used to the advantage of the game.

The game will now be released on March 21 instead of the intended Leap Year day of February 29. This goes to show that Sega does indeed care about this RPG being a success, especially considering all other RPGs released for the Dreamcast in North America have not been met with the highest of praise.

by Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead    
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