Arc the Lad Collection Confirmed

Working Designs never ceases to be amazing. They have remade the classic Game Arts "Lunar" series into masterpieces, and have some incredibly great RPGs coming up. Well, now we can add not one, not two, but three to the mix. Working Designs has announced that the classic "Arc the Lad" series will be released in North America for the Sony Playstation.

"Arc the Lad Collection," which originally was released as separate games in Japan, will be released in a set with four game CDs. The package will also include a remixed soundtrack, and a "Making Of" CD that has become very popular in Working Designs' games. The game will also come with a hardbound manual that includes a mini-strategy guide. Working Designs never fails to deliver the ultimate package.

As for the story, Arc is a young man who resides in the village of Tovil, which is in the land of Samaria. He will venture to find five sacred stones, and will meet many on his way that will join him. He needs the stones to break the seal on the Ark, a magical object that contains the power of the gods. Why does he need that? Why, to save the world!

"Arc the Lad Collection" has been in production since November of last year, and Working Designs has almost completed shooting their "Making of" video, as well. Working Designs once again proves that there's no reason the worlds of old-school RPGs and modern RPGs can't mix, when they present this awesome collection this November.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
Source: [Working Designs]
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