Atlus unveils next RPG for North America

Atlus has pulled back the curtain on the mystery project they previously announced on-site less than 24 hours after said announcement-it's obvious they didn't want to keep it secret for very long. Titled Rhapsody, it presented more questions than answers, and now at least some of those questions can finally be put to rest. However, reading on you'll see, again Atlus has left a lot to look forward to.

It was finally revealed to be a translation of a game that became successful in Japan after a re-release. The game is so popular a sequel is noted to be in the making. This game is entitled Marl Ookoku Ningyo Hime: The Adventure of Puppet Princess, developed by a little-known developer Nippon Ichi. What truly makes this game set apart is the spectacular musical performances done by the cast. Gamers should look forward to a sparkling rewrite and redub done by Atlus, who is reputed for care in this aspect of the game. However, don't be fretting the game is empty but for it's music.

The game will be a strategic RPG starring Princess Cornet of the Kingdom of Marl and a Link-esque fairy sidekick named Kuru. This fair maiden goes on a quest to save her prince (talk about a traditional role reversal!) from an unidentified evil monster (now that's more traditional). Cornet will collect and control up to 16 puppets for battle, though there is assumed to be more than just 16.

Rhapsody also will have cutesy looking characters and bright backgrounds. While this may turn off certain groups of gamers, a happy-go-lucky RPG with a formula such as this one just may have what it takes to be successful in the North American market.

by Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead    
Source: [GIA]
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