Shadowbane for DreamCast.. and X-Box?

With all of the talk about massive multiplayer online role-playing games coming to console systems, a lot of the developers of computer MMO-RPGs are very interested in making console versions of their own games for online play. One such studio is the Austin, Texas based Wolfpack Studios, and they seem intent to enter their new online game "Shadowbane" into the console world as well as the PC world.

Shadowbane, the online game which combines the simple RPG-style character development with the worldwide warfare-style found in most strategy war games, will soon come out for PC and Macintosh. Todd Coleman, the vice president of sales and marketing for Wolfpack, says that "Consoles are definitely in our future. If Dreamcast continues selling as it has been, we'll probably look at it as a viable platform." They are also reportedly very excited about the specs of the Playstation 2.

Perhaps the most interesting comment that Mr. Coleman made, though, was when he was asked about developing for Microsoft's console, currently known as the "X-box." He responded by saying "It's certainly a very easy platform to develop for. A lot of it depends on how pervasive the platform becomes." Do more developers know about this system's specifications than they're currently letting on? It seems to be the case. Microsoft has been very busy lately, but they did not announce the X-Box at the Los Angeles Consumer Electronics Show like most expected them to. However, several sources have said that the system is indeed on the way and could arrive as soon as this Summer. If that is a case, expect for Microsoft to announce the system very soon. Otherwise, it will probably be shown at E3 this May.

More information on Wolfpack Studios' upcoming online RPG Shadowbane is available by going to their website at Shadowbane looks to take MMO-RPGs a step further by giving players something they've been aching for.. a goal beyond character development.

Shadowbane - December 9th, 1999

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
Source: [FGN Online]
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