The Adventures of Links

Long ago, in the land of Seattle, the princess laid asleep under a spell cast by a mighty wizard. Seeking to wake the princess, the hero went across the land of Seattle, finally meeting up with the wizard for the final battle at the Starbucks in the Space Needle. After an exhausting battle and two cappuchinos, the hero triumphed, and brought coffee to the princess to awaken her. As they strolled into the sunset in the Seattle rain, the credits rolled, and this message appeared:

RPGamer presents to you, the reader, the chance to have your very own website linked from our links section! That's right, just click right here and the form for you to sign up will appear. All the information is provided, and the links page will hopefully be back up in about a week. RPGamer has some very nice surprises in store for our links page in the future.

Oh, and just in case you wondered, the hero and princess lived happily ever after.. until this giant talking pig-man kidnapped the princess.. but that's another story.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
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