Popolocrois Story II Announced

       Sony has confirmed that Popolocrois Story II will be release January 27, 2000 in Japan. The title is an RPG for the PlayStation, and a sequel to the popular "fairy tale" original. The title features traditional turn-based RPG battles, save each character having a timer that will eventually fill as time progresses in the fight. Once the timer is full, the selected character can then execute different actions until his/her timer is once again empty. The targets of these actions must be within range for that character, however. Hence, movement sounds like it will be an important part of any battle.

       On top of the innovative battle system, Popolocrois Story II features good looking anime sequences. This certainly looks to be a title to keep an eye on. I certainly hope it will see the light of day here in the States.

by Dan Calderman
Source: Magic Box
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