RPG Maker for the GBC

RPGamer has learned that ASCII plans to release RPG Maker for the Game Boy Color on March 17, 2000 in Japan. RPG Maker was originally a title for the PlayStation in Japan, but has evidently been remade for the GBC, as well. The game will also support the GameBoy's Link Cable, so that players can exchange their own custom-made RPGs with one another.

RPG Maker is a title where the player can make his or her own role-playing game, without having extensive knowledge of programming. Everything from graphics, music, town design, and story-line is there for the user to create, making a full RPG. This acclaimed title has long been asked for here in the United States, but has never seen a release on our shores. Perhaps, with this latest incarnation, we will finally see a US release of RPG Maker. Only time will tell.

by Dan Calderman
Source: Magic Box
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