Tecmo Announces Deception III

Tecmo has recently announced that Deception III is under development for a US release. Deception III was released in December for Japan, under the name of Soumatou. The title will receive a name change, however, and will be released as Dark Delusion here in the States.

The Deception series is rather unique and unlike any other RPG on the market. Basically, the player assumes the role of a character, and has control of a large area. (i.e., mansion, island, etc.) The player then sets traps throughout the area, attempting to catch, or kill intruders. The player also has the ability to build on to the area, such as new rooms to the mansion, etc. Game-play is very original, and hopefully this will continue with the latest installation of the series.

Dark Delusion is currently scheduled for a March release date, of this year, here in the United States on the PlayStation console. Stay tuned to RPGamer for more information on this title, as we get it.

by Dan Calderman
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