Let the Madness Begin

    Hot on the heels of Monday's announcement that a special 3 CD version of Shadow Madness would also include a seperate playable demo of Jade Cocoon: Story of Tamamayu, Crave has released more information pertaining to the Shadow Madness release.

    Crave Entertainment, along with Electronics Boutique and Babbages are also providing the following pre-sell items: A Guaranteed copy of the `Limited Edition' of Shadow Madness, a free playable demo of Shadow Madness (includes a preview movie of Jade CoCoon), Valuable Coupon Savings, a Mini-Strategy Guide from Prima, a Large 22" x 22" cloth map (see side image), and other Shadow Madness Promotional items.

    "Not only will RPG fans get to immerse themselves into more than 40 engrossing hours of Shadow Madness," states Jane Gilbertson, Senior Director of Marketing at Crave Entertainment, "they also get to sample, before any other gamer, Jade Cocoon through a special edition and very extensive playable demo. It's a great value for RPG fans. The only way to guarantee that you get a Limited Edition version of Shadow Madness is to pre-order or reserve a copy of Shadow Madness at your favorite gaming retailer. Many of our retail partners are offering exciting Shadow Madness pre-sell programs (both in-store and online).

Shadow Madness' Cloth Map and Limited Edition CDs.
Click for 1800x1785 354KB version

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