TGS: Shen Mue *Updated 03/22*

    Sega announced at TGS that Shen Mue will be released on August 5 in Japan. Further reports stated that this is just "part one" of Shen Mue, and that a second part will be released later in the year. A few rumors were also circulating that the game may contain even more installments.Update: The first installment is sub-titled "Yokosuka" and will retail for 2800 yen ($24 USD)*

    Also at TGS were several Shen Mue releated items for sale, including a mouse pad for 600 yen ($5 USD), a "clear file" for 350 yen ($3 USD), a poster for 1,500 yen ($13 USD), a notebook for 300 yen ($2.50 USD), a ball-point pen for 200 yen ($2 USD), and several other items.

Sources: [Sega Otaku and Official Shen Mue Site]

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