Details emerge about N2000

    Hot on the heels of Sony's recent announcement of its next-generation system, Nintendo and ArtX have released some preliminary information about their new console system. ArtX is a startup company staffed by former Silicon Graphics engineers, the company that the N64 was developed in conjunction with. The new system is tentatively dubbed the "N2000" by the press, though it is almost certain the console will not ship until 2001. The most significant development about this system is Nintendo's straying from the cartridge format in favor of a proprietary disk format or DVD. Nintendo has previously stuck to cartridges as they are much harder to copy, and because of their speed advantages over CDs.

    Another nicety in the system is Game Boy connectivity. The new system is rumored to have an infrared port compatible to the one in the GameBoy Color. Other rumored features would include access to the internet, which makes sense considering the Dreamcast already has this ability and the PSX2 is supposed to have networking capabilities. Look for more information about this console to come out as development kits are shipped. Source: [IGN64]

Out with the N64, in with the N2000
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