News From the Nippon: Final Fantasy Re-releases

    Square re-released not one, not two, but three Final Fantasy titles for PlayStation, with the re-release of Final Fantasy VI and the Final Fantasy Collection today.

   Following the trend set by the re-releases of Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy V, VI features added CG movies. Also, the re-release of Final Fantasy VI includes a special premium mode that was, for obvious reasons, not in the Super Nintendo version. Among the items in the premium mode is a "picture book" which displays CG Art, as well as a monster compendium. Final Fantasy VI for PSX retails for 4800 yen, or $40 USD.

    Final Fantasy Collection consists of Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy VI. There are two versions of the Collection, a "Final Fantasy Collection" selling for 6800 yen (about $57 USD) and a 50,000 copy "Final Fantasy Colection Anniversary Package", which includes a special Alarm Clock, and retails for 8800 yen (about $73 USD).

Final Fantasy VI: Disc Art

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