Take-Two to Give a Little

    Take-Two has announced they will be bringing Delphine Software's PC Action RPG, Darkstone to the PlayStation. Darkstone has been described as "one part Diablo, one part Rage of Mages, and one part Ultima."

    In Darkstone, players are given the task of preventing world domination by the evil drago Drakk. Drakk has summoned a Monolith which is slowly draining the world's population of its life-force, and the only way to stopped by obtaining the Orb.

    Darkstone also features random enemy, quest and topology generation systems. Each time through the game, the player will be required to complete eight quests, which are chosen at random from a total of 22. There are also over 20 side quests. Since the topology is also randomly generated, the location of these quests will vary from game to game.

    Darkstone includes a variety of locations, from villages to dungeons to castles, which are all displayed in 3D. One possible limiting factor of Darkstone is the size of the party. Consisting of two characters, a primary which is directly controlled by the player, and a secondary character who can be assigned either a defensive or offensive task. The primary character can be a member of one of four classes, Warrior, Thief, Wizard, and Priest.

    The PC version of Darkstone will be available in April, while the PlayStation version is due out before the end of the year.

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