Final Fantasy: The Movie Plot News

    Information has started to leak out about the new plot of Final Fantasy: The Movie. As we reported yesterday, the script has recently been rewritten. While the original script was written by Al Reinert of Apollo 13 fame, the new script was written by Jeff Vintar.

    The plot is rumored to be very complex, featuring aliens, a discovery by scientists that sets off a religious controversy, and magicians who were created through science. The story is said to center around a female scientist who is on the verge of breaking the language code of the alieans, and Grey, an ArmorMan Warrior (sort of the police of the late 21st century) from New York. Also include is the typical Square collection of heros, a brawler, a young magician and several others.

    Also rumored to be in the earliest of development stages are a sequel and a prequel, a video game, and books detailing the adventures of Grey before the time of the movie.

    An anonymous Square employee confirmed very little of the rumors, but did say that "The lead character is a female scientist and the aliens have already killed off most of the worlds population when the tale begins." The source also went on to state that while "There are no concrete game plans ... the development of a game is assumed."

Source: [Cinescape]

Aliens or ArmorMen?
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