3do Announces Crusaders of Might and Magic for PSX

    One of the most popular PC RPG series, Might and Magic, will finally make its way to the console market, in the form of an Action RPG, Crusaders of Might and Magic. In this incarnation, 3do is attempting to merge the RPG and 3D Action genres.

    "The Crusaders of Might and Magic game is sure to deliver terrific action gameplay set in the wondrous Might and Magic universe. We're really focusing on tuning the best elements of the 3-D action and role playing categories," Trip Hawkins, chairman and CEO of The 3DO Company, stated. "As a real-time 3-D fantasy game, Crusaders of Might and Magic will provide fans of both fantasy and action games with epic role-playing and action-packed heroism, though with less emphasis on conversations and other 'slow' interactions. Crusaders of Might and Magic will be a fun and exciting game worthy of the five 'Game of the Year' predecessors bearing the Might and Magic label. The Crusaders of Might and Magic game is designed from the ground up to appeal to the mass-market action game player, the largest single market segment today."

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    Crusaders of Might and Magic will feature a variety of wide open playing fields, and tight atmospheric corridors. The game is designed to encourage a large amount of exploration of the environment, and players will be allowed to revisit battle fields after they have completed the initial battle. Battles will be a combination of exciting hand-to-hand combat, as well as "awe-inspiring" spells. Other special effects include gravity effects, dynamic lighting, and digitized sound and voice effects. Crusaders also includes the widest selection of weapons available in the genre.

    Characters, monsters, and all other objects will be fully rendered 3D models, displayed in real-time at over 30 frames per second. Locations include medieval fortifications, lush forest, desert canyons, icy caverns, and high tech ruins of the real of Ardon.

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