FF8 debuts with a bang

    Thousands of people in Tokyo braved freezing temperatures to wait all night in line for Final Fantasy VIII. The game was reported to have sold 2 million pre-orders. There is no doubt this will be the one of the biggest selling games ever when it hits US shelves later this year.

    Most stores were completely sold out by 3 pm, despite a 1-copy-per-person rule at most stores. In other news, apparently the FF8 lockout has been bypassed with a GameShark code already. This code is unconfirmed by RPGamer, but it is said to work with mod chips. The code is:

   D009D182 0000
   8009B182 2402

   Thanks to Gaming Intelligence Agency for the code.

Source: [ZDNet Japan]

An estimated 350 people wait outside Akihabara
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