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    With the Japanese launch of SaGa Frontier 2 scheduled for later this spring, more information on the features of the title have recently come to light.

    As with the original SaGa Frontier, there are several different characters to chose from. However, Square has reduced the number of fixed partners in the sequel.

    Also added to the sequel is a "role system" similar to the system found in Romancing SaGa 3. With this system, players can assign different characters to unique roles, such as aggressive combat, healing, and magic. Players can also assign the number of times characters can participate in battles.

    A combo system is also included in the game, allowing players to connect special moves and techniques together, for better attacks. It is also possbile to combo in enemy attacks, and enemies can also combo attack against the heros.

    Repeatedly using a weapon, magic, or technique will cause them to level up, making them more powerful. It is also possible to learn new magic and techniques during battle. When this occurs, a light bulb will appear above the character.

    When a character loses all their HP, they do not die. Instead, their Life point total is lowered by one. Should the LP reach zero, the character dies, and cannot be revived. Life Points can also be used to perform desparation attacks.

    Finally, Non-metallic pieces of equipment will wear out with excessive use.

    While it definitely appears that Square has gone to extremes to improve SaGa Frontier 2 over the original, what is not certain is whether US gamers will see this sequel. Watch RPGamer for more details.

Source: [The Magic Box]
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