Lavos Toasts RPGamer

    Today at 1:24, Lavos, the ancient interstellar being, rose from his slumber and burnt RPGamer to a toasty crisp. While joked about earliar as a myth, the story apparently came true when our very own Rosie Dia was found out to be Queen Zeal. She sabatoged the RPGamer security feilds, leaving us quite defenseless. Rosie almost appeared to overcome RPGamer completely when Mark Jordan came from lands afar to stop her. With his help, RPGamer destroyed Zeal and Lavos. Due to his valliant efforts, we have decided to keep Mark on in place of Rosie.

    While at first the damage looked to be confined to the facade of the page, further inspection has revealed the damage was much deeper than first thought. We at RPGamer are feverishly working to fix the damage and make the site better than before. We appreciate your support during this crisis.

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